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Artistic expression, coordination, musicality, concentration, and last but not least fun. Playing the piano stimulate these skills and emotions. The piano is the ideal instrument for children to boost mental and physical abilities. For adults, it balances your daily life perfectly and releases you from stress. That is what science tells us. Beyond that: Mastering piano opens up a whole world, the world of music.     


I have played the piano since I was six years old. In 2001 I achieved my Masters as piano teacher and concert pianist at the Rubin Academy of the University of Tel Aviv. As of today, I have been teaching for more than 20 years. I offer my students a profound technical education, an in-depth understanding of harmonics and insight into classical music. I prepare my students for the prestigious British ABRSM tests, which are divided into eight levels. I provide gifted and ambitious students with technical skills and musical understanding for a professional career.   


My piano lessons are built on your skills, interests and demands. Together with my students, I define the individual goals which can be ambitious or less ambitious.   


Overall only one thing matters: You will find joy in playing the piano. 



Gala Gurinovich - Piano lessons, piano teacher
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